Diamond Saw Blades

Continuous Diamond Saw Blades

The continuous Diamond Saw Blades requires water during cutting. This blade also offers the slowest and smoothest cut, making it perfect for marble, granite and porcelain.

Segmented Diamond Saw Blades

The segmented Diamond Saw Blades is also known as the dry cutting blade because it works with many dry applications. This blade also offers the roughest cut of the three options, making it ideal for concrete, brick and limestone.

Turbo Diamond Saw Blades

Turbo Diamond Saw Blades is the go-to blade for the fastest cuts in WET OR DRY APPLICATIONS. Designed with serrated edges, this blade is meant to make fast and smooth cuts in materials such as tile and natural stone.

Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blade

Laser welded diamond saw blade is bonded between diamond segments and the base by laser technology. The bonding strength between diamond segments and the base is high and the welding is firm.

Turbo Wave Diamond Cutting Saw Blades Disk

Suitable for fast, smooth and steady cutting of hard-fragile non-metal material, such as concrete, marble, granite, tile, etc, with the advantages of excellent cutting performance. Especially Turbo Blade with wave core, its wave core design greatly improved the rigidity of the core.

SPLITE Turbo Diamond Cutting Saw Blades Disk

The turbo discs give users the advantages of both segment and rim discs. The unique design allows faster cutting with minimum chipping, and better cooling with excellent removal.