Ceramic Burs

Ceramic burs are composed of a ceramic head with stainless steel shaft, which creates a bur which has many favourable properties when compared to other burs.

The type of ceramic used to form the head of the bur, is an excellent material to make a bur with due to its very high resistance to crack propagation.

Ceramic doesn’t conduct as much heat as other types of dental burs, making it easier to maintain the integrity of any acrylic pieces that are being adjusted. This also makes it a good choice for adjusting thermoplastics. Cooler cutting also reduces the risks of burns when changing burs.

Ceramic dental burs are used to modify acrylic parts used in dental operations. Since they do not conduct heat, they do not heat up like other dental burs. It's also a fantastic choice for adjusting thermoplastics. With ceramic burs, there is a low chance of burns.

When cutting the acrylic, the debris does not stick to work part, this situation always happen on using carbide burs.

Easy to clean.